Scale Model Art - A Guide to Photographing Scale Models Jeff Bartelt (2018) In this ebook, you will learn the basics of photography as applied to miniature imaging, including... - The basics of exposure - Tools and equipment used for scale model photos - Setting up an in-home studio - Image composition as it relates to your builds - Creating realistic images of miniature subjects - Step-by-step case studies on creating several popular scale model photos Written by a scale model hobbyist, for scale model hobbyists, Scale Model Art will help you develop a foundation for creating professional-looking photos of your own builds, right in your own home.


JANUARY 22, 2018

Getting Started With Sunrise Photography Jeff Bartelt (2013) Written for the new sunrise photographer, this ebook shows some of the tips and tricks used to capture stunning sunrise and sunset photographs. Items discussed include composition, artistic exposure, high dynamic range, filters, and post processing software considerations among other things. A great primer for those fairly new to landscape photography who want to know how to capture better sunrises and sunsets.
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          These courses are part of the Lake City Community Education program and are taught at
          Lincoln High School.  Eagle Vista Studio's Jeff Bartelt is the instructor.  You may
contact him
          with any questions regarding these course offerings.


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